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    Jesse Hahn

    Chief Knowledge Officer

Jesse has a Degree and Masters in Business. He has over 30 years of experience in the BPO services market (Sales, Recruitment, Lead Generation, Technology, and Services) and has set up and successfully run BPO offices on five Continents. Jesse has founded several highly successful companies, of which have become international successes. Few have his understanding of virtually all departments in a corporation, how each function, and what each person’s job responsibilities are being he has overseen the placement of over 7,000 different positions. He is one of the world’s leading experts in Sales Prospecting & Candidate Mapping. Jesse has lived in 15 countries, and five Continents having traveled to over 118 countries. Jesse is the CKO for all Business operations, and oversees all direct corporate sales worldwide for StraightSource, Intelling and Flatworld.

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    Cecilia Moratorio

    General Manager – Director

Cecilia has over 15 years of international Business Experience in Staffing, Human Resources, and International Marketing. She has overseen the creation of BPO Delivery offices on 4 continents, not including her years as Head of Human Resources and Staffing for the Uruguay Government’s Entire Agriculture Department. Cecilia Speaks over 5 languages fluently, both oral and written, and has two masters’ degrees in both Human Resources and in marketing.

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