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    Safety. Security.

    We monitor it for you.

Your organizations safety and security are a top concern for your company – and we can help! Our professional and comprehensive Closed Circuit Televisions or CCTV is state of the art. We have the solutions that are thorough, yet cost efficient. So you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Our teams are trained to monitor your premises, look for potential breaches, alert you to possible issues, and respond quickly if a breach actually occurs.

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Secure Recordings

  • We securely back up and store your high quality surveillance recordings, which you can use in legal proceedings if you need to (criminal, contractual, and civil).

Systems Compatibility

  • When you need your surveillance equipment connected to your software systems for a reasons such as, personnel identification, crisis management, call tree applications, and more, our systems have the capability.

Alarm Integration

  • Your alarm systems can be integrated into our CCTV monitoring software to provide onsite access control, body-worn video cameras, and perimeter alarm systems, for teams or lone workers.

Camera Technology

  • To optimize surveillance capability, utilize network bandwidth, and to be cost-efficient, we use centralized and decentralized IP camera technology.

CCTV Solutions

Strategic CCTV Monitoring

Our team is trained to recognize potential situations immediately, or even BEFORE they occur. We take pride in being your partner – a part of your team. As such, we monitor your business for current activity, but also alert you if we see something awry. Sometimes there are areas that are more vulnerable based upon damage to a perimeter which could lead to a breach.

Our goal is to make your site safe and secure. Always.

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    Our Dedicated Team

    Trained and ready to monitor YOUR business.

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    The Reasons for CCTV are Vast

    We tailor it to YOUR reasons.

What do YOU Want to Protect?

  • We’ve found that our clients use our outsourced CCTV monitoring services for a variety of reason, including:
  • General building monitoring, inside and out for security and safety
  • Construction sites which are a safety hazard to workers or because equipment is left unattended and could pose a danger to trespassers.
  • Industrial areas where a hard hat or special equipment is required for safety and well-being because of chemical or physical danger.
  • Challenging work environments where weather, adverse conditions or other reasons could be a concern for safety.
  • Public areas with a lot of foot traffic in a populated area that should be monitored for theft, vandalism, terrorism or other criminal activity.

Additional Features

We offer different levels of monitoring services, based upon your organization’s needs. We are in a continuous state of inspecting equipment and systems to make sure they live up to the quality that you need. We provide reporting, recording and can adjust your plans when you need us to.

Our equipment is monitored for quality sound, video, panning, zooming, remote control functionality, network signaling, motion, volumetric and other detection devises. So your data is up to standards that we promise to you. Finally, we can implement and store high quality data for all of your recordings.

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    Peace of Mind

    When you need it most.