Become a Franchise Owner

Are you tired of working hard every day, day after day only to help someone else get ahead? Now is the time for you to put your efforts to work for YOU! When you become a StraightSource franchise owner, you take your future into your own hands, and your new future is BRIGHT!

An Opportunity Like NO Other!

The one thing that most franchise opportunities have in common, are the monthly and annual fees, royalties and advertising costs that you must pay – not to mention the cost to have employees. With StraightSource, once you pay the initial franchise purchase fee, you sell our outsource services, and we split the profit 50%/50%. You don’t need to hire a slew of workers, nor do you have on-going fees. Our model is simple, generous, and geared towards making you successful.

When you own your own StraightSource franchise, you will be selling over 43 best-in-class services, some that have no competition! We continue to add services that make sense, so that the portfolio of outsource solutions are diverse and comprehensive.

Here are some additional benefits to becoming a franchise owner:

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The StraightSource Franchise Difference

  • Lead Generation

    We provide 100% lead generation services for you for the first year.

  • CRM & Email

    We provide a CRM solution, as well as, personal branded email address.

  • Operations Manual – Electronic

    We keep our operations manual up to date so that you have answers when you need them.

  • Accounting Support

    We will take care of invoicing clients, bookkeeping and collections for you!

  • Pre-Sales Support

    If you’re having a hard time closing clients, we jump in to help you. Your success is our success.

  • Professional Marketing

    We do on-going marketing of our services to support you with your sales efforts.

  • Full Training

    We include one week of extensive training at your location or ours.

  • 100% fulfillment

    Once the sale is complete, we do all the work. You become the client relations representative, while we fulfill all the services.

  • Sales Tools

    We have a full suite of sales tools to help you close deals faster.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re tired of working for someone else, you’re serious about changing the direction of your life, and would like to discuss our fantastic opportunity, click below to complete our contact form. We will be in touch asap.