When you outsource mortgage processing, you want to make sure of a number of things. One, you want to know that the team is thorough with each dotted I and crossed T. Two, you MUST be confident that each loan is fully compliant to protect your business and your customer. Finally, three, you simply want every step to be completed without a hitch. That means a bulletproof process every step of the way. Our 6 Step Mortgage Process demonstrates each of these concerns.

  1. We organize the documents and index them into the appropriate folders for easy management.
  2. Then we complete the 1003 and other forms in LOS.
  1. We review the loan packet for quality control, perform an initial credit check and pre-approval
  2. Third-party documents (Title, VOE & HOI) are ordered and received
  3. Retrieve case numbers for VA and FHA loans as needed
  4. Run the DU/LP to ensure there are no apparent issues or red flags
  5. Finally, we submit the file for underwriting
  1. Appraisal review and request revisions, if needed
  2. Review the Income, Asset and Title report
  3. Look over AUS findings and clear conditions
  4. Final sign-off; approval for funding
  1. Prepare closing documents and perform final review
  2. Clear conditions for closing and send the closing instructions
  3. A Prelim document is prepared and the final document reviewed
  4. Schedule and coordinate closing
  1. We’ll prepare and review final loan packages
  2. The documents are uploaded to the Investor’s portals
  3. Submit the package after completing the loan delivery form
  1. Retrieve all trailing documents
  2. Perform a post-closing compliance audit
  3. Ensure continuous improvement by performing a quality control audit