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Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development is becoming increasingly popular in businesses as a means to lower costs and reduce pressure on in-house employees. Of all software development outsourcing companies, we are at the forefront of the industry here at StraightSource®. The trusted go-between, we take care of all the finer details to deliver you a fully trained, skillful and enthusiastic workforce.

Working with integrity and professionalism, every member is an asset to your team. Bringing industry expertise, your project will benefit from a range of fresh opinions and new ideas.

Build An Efficient Workforce With Ease

When it comes to building an efficient, effective team, money, time and patience is usually required. To do so in-house, you have to consider the resources needed for recruitment and training as well as costly employee benefits such as health and retirement packages, and if a candidate does not work out, you then face firing charges too. With outsourced software development services, you can say goodbye to these stresses. We build your team with care, selecting team members based on your exact requirements.

When developing software, the process must be complete to the highest level. Whether you are looking to refresh your existing software or create new innovative processes, it is advantageous to utilise as much help as you can to get it right. Outsourcing can provide you with this expert input without having to hire costly specialists and the best part? You benefit from the input of a range of professionals instead of relying on just a few.

Once you are satisfied with your team, they work with your business and only your business. Rest assured that every member will immerse themselves in your development project, work in line with your values and maintain company culture. If at any point you decide that you need to increase or decrease numbers, we do so immediately without charge. Consistency alongside flexibility is guaranteed when you choose us here at StraightSource®.

Ace Your Software Development Project With StraightSource®

We have helped thousands of businesses like yours with outsourcing and it is time for you to discover the many benefits.

  • A cost-effective solution for your software development project
  • Taking your brand internationally to build a solid reputation
  • Trialing potential employees before hiring permanently
  • Flexibility to make immediate changes to suit the status of your project
  • Minimized downtime from sick leave and vacation days

… and much, more!

Say goodbye to in-house pressure and instead say hello to a skilled, experienced workforce that is guaranteed to complete the job to a high standard. All of this for a single low flat rate. You don’t even have to worry about FICA taxes, payroll taxes, insurances and other charges when you choose StraightSource®.

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    Customized Software Development

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Technology and Innovation

When you have important software development projects and need a team on whom you can rely, StraightSource has what you need. Our Software Engineers are among the best in their region for designing software that is reliable, robust, and state-of-the-art.

We can not only augment your current staff, but we can also take over your large projects at an affordable rate. Additionally, if you need to hire on your own team, we can help you with that too.

Mobile App Development

If your company doesn’t have it’s own mobile app, you are not using the most modern technology. Consumers and business people want their information on the go. With smartphones and tablets, there are a variety of technologies on which your app needs to work. We can help you get your “app on the map” with our experienced software developers.

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    Mobile App Development

    Technology on the go