US Outsourcing Talent: It’s There But it’s Scarce

Think of your business as a machine made up of cogwheels, shafts, and chains. Each part has a specific function but all of them are working together to be highly efficient. If one part goes missing or damaged, the machine malfunctions and it ceases to produce the output you desire.

In reality, these machine elements are your employees, each having their own role to play. If one employee is not the right fit or if there’s a void to be filled, your business will feel the strain. It will slow down and might even come to a halt.

That’s why it’s important to have the right people on your team.

Unfortunately, finding the right people is not as easy anymore. High-skilled talent is scarce and businesses in the US, whether big or small, are struggling. Wondering why it’s happening? Here are the two major factors that contribute to the scarcity of high-skilled talent in the US:

Improved Economy
Shocker, right? An improved economy is a good thing. Actually it’s not just good, it’s wonderful, fantastic, and amazing. You can describe it with all the positive adjectives you can think of.

But it has a “side-effect” businesses must deal with. A good economy creates jobs, lots of it. It lowers unemployment but it also widens the skills gap. As a result, talent shortage ensues.

Retiring Professionals
It’s not easy to replace retiring professionals. When they say goodbye to the workforce, they take with them a vast amount of knowledge and a superior set of skills honed over the years. No fresh talent can compare to that.

Due to the talent shortage, pressure shifts towards the employers. Finding the right person for the job becomes a competition. Supply is low so the demand increases. Employers feel the need to amp up their offers and hiring packages. For job seekers, it’s incredible. But for employers, especially those who own small to medium size businesses, it can be a challenge.

Now, how can SMEs compete with the big ones who have far thicker profit margins?

The answer is: They shouldn’t. Why compete if there’s an alternative solution?

If talent is scarce here in the United States, go seek a “greener” pasture. Talent overflows in other parts of the world. Tapping into it is a matter of finding the BPO partner you can rely on.

Outsourcing is your answer to finding high-skilled talent in a cost-effective manner. If you have doubts with integrating a virtual team member into your business, put them aside. Today’s technology makes it possible for you to connect seamlessly. They may not be physically present in your office but the contribution they’ll bring to your business will be remarkable.

In addition, outsourcing saves you from the trouble of headhunting, administration and management. Your BPO partner will take that out of your hands.

With outsourcing, you don’t only find the “best fit” for your business but you also get “add-ons” that will save you time, effort, and money. Get in touch with Straightsource now and let the the number one provider of Global Outsourcing Solutions connect you with the talent you need.

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