Mortgage Outsourcing Services from StraightSource

Is your mortgage company experiencing growing pains? Learn how we can help you be more efficient AND save money! Watch our short video to learn more.


Hear what Casey Crawford, President & Owner of New American Mortgage has to say about the mortgage services his company receives from Flatworld (StraightSource).


Hear more about the value additions that EMA can bring to the table from the CEO of Open Mortgage, Scott Gordon while discussing it with our Business Director, Rajeev Kumar.


Outsource Mortgage Support Services to Flatworld Solutions, and experience 40% faster cycle time and up to 50% cost savings & quicker transition time. Our CSAT stands at 95%. It’s time you join Flatworld and expand your possibilities.


MSuite is an OCR based mortgage automation platform that has machine learning and AI capabilities to automate simple as well as complex back-office tasks for mortgage lenders.


A Complete Mortgage Solution

If you’re considering our mortgage outsourcing service, you will have access to mortgage processing services all the way through the process, from pre-approval to close, to post-close. We have the infrastructure and the experts to process your mortgages quickly while saving you money.

Whether you are growing quickly and can’t scale your mortgage growth or you are in need of downsizing without losing high quality mortgage processing, we can provide you with the level of outsource mortgage service to meet your business needs.

Why Outsource Mortgage Services?

When you outsource your mortgage processing services to us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save time for your loan officers while they focus on their customers
  • Peace of mind that you are receiving the most accurate processing by qualified and experienced staff
  • Save money that can be spent on other aspects of your business, such as marketing or sales
  • Enjoy safe, secure and fast turnaround for your loan officers and agents
  • Feel confident that you have access to the most current mortgage technology available for the industry

Mortgage Services

  • Providing faster mortgage closing with articulate underwriting
  • Competitive pricing when you choose our streamlined approach
  • Excellence in every aspect of mortgage processing

outsourced mortgage processing services

Mortgage Loan Processing

Post Mortgage Closing

Mortgage Underwriting

Title Services

Mortgage Closing

Mortgage Appraisals

Our Quality Commitment


A Complete Mortgage Solution

Every step of the way, you can expect efficient processing of each of your mortgage loans, from pre-approval to close, to post-close. We have the infrastructure and the experts to process your mortgages quickly while saving you money.

Streamlined Process

We don’t leave anything to chance. With years of experience and a carefully streamlined process, we have every step of the process efficiently handled by our mortgage experts at every level. Due to the volume of our mortgage processing services, we are able to quickly and methodically follow a six-stage process to keep you compliant and on track to close your mortgage loans on time.

View our 6 stage mortgage process.